Running passion for marathons worldwide

Running passion for marathons worldwide

I want to participate as pace(make)r if is available any position for me on a 3.50h team or a 4.00h team on a marathon event abroad with great landscapes and joy of running.

I was already a half-marathon pace(make)r on OWM Petrom Bucharest Half-Marathon held on Bucharest, last May 15th, running in the 1.50h team (orange baloons).

My next participation as pace(make)r was on Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest Marathon held on Bucharest, last October 9th, running in the 4.15h team (green ballons).

Next year this two competitions are fixed in my calendar running again as pace(make)r. Not only I participated encouraging the runners near me but also I was on time during the races and at the end of planned time "giving wings" to some runners near me.

My last marathon was on December 1st, where I had my personal best time with 3.36h in a winter marathon on a cold day of December.

I want to participate next year on various competitions abroad because are many events with a great opportunity to enjoy the landscapes near great peoples sharing the same passion. I speak also spanish and italian, not only english and romanian and I can be useful as pace(make)r from this point of view also being comunicative and open to share.

This year I was also at Via-Pontica Marathon, in September 4th, a unique event held between two countries, Bugaria and Romania, passing the border two times by running.

Also I was in Bulgaria running at Tryavna Ultra, this year a 23 km trail run on July 15th, next year I am signed to participate on my first 76 km ultra-marathon at Tryavna Ultra.

My last official race was in December 10th, a forest trail 10 km race where I obtained my first second place, a valuable small but proudly pretty cup ...this and other finisher medals are only "for statistics" and to keep the memories alive of great time already passed remembering always ...the limitless of running.

I am an amateur runner not a professional signed in SanaSport, a local sport club, daily I have other occupation as any of you, I work as designing engineer, being also a 6 year boy father. If you have a little joy of running ...then are no excuses, will find also some time.

I love to run being a pacer and also to give my energy to the runners around. Almost on all running events I run with passion wearing a flag, I take pictures, memories of great times, where I meet great people with the same running passion like me and I live all the moments of freedom more than for statistics and targets.

Thank to my technical partners Kalenji - Decathon Constanta, to Nicu Mogos for the amazing running shoes and the support, thank to my sponsorship partners Bio-tech and EuroStarGaz for the suport of transportation and to my family being always in the first line waiting for me.

I am proud of you Oana Pruteanu being pacer in September for your first marathon, but also of you Oana Gheorghe being pacer for your first half-marathon last days. Congratulations!I wish to all the best for this end of the year and a new year greater than this. We run as one ...we have not been the first but we try to be the best!

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Running passion for marathons worldwide

Running passion for marathons worldwide /



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2020.05.02  Kodzha Kaya Ultra / 75K4400+ Black
2020.07.11  Tryavna Ultra / 100K5000+
2020.08.27  UTMB Orsières/Chamonix / OCC 56K3500+
2020.03.01 09.06  Harmonie Mutuelle Semi de Paris / 21K
2020.04.04 10.03  Ibiza Marathon / 20K
2020.04.26 11.15  EDP Rock'n'Roll Madrid / 42K
2020.12.01  Maraton 1 Decembrie / 21K SuperBet
2020.03.22 -TBA-  Athens HalfMarathon / 21K
2020.04.12 -TBA-  Târnovo Ultra / 71K3000+
2021-05.09 05.08  Salomon EcoRun / 14K600+
2021-06.26 06.25  Lavaredo Ultra Cortina Trail / 48K2600+


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2017  1h45/21K / VW Bucharest HalfMarathon
2017  1h40/21K / Brasov International Marathon
2017  1h45/21K / Bucharest International Marathon
2017  4h00/42K / Maratona di Venezia
2018  4h00/42K / Gran Canaria Maraton
2018  1h40/21K / VW Bucharest HalfMarathon
2018  3h45/42K / Bucharest International Marathon
2018  2h00/21K / Arobs Transylvania HalfMarathon
2019  1h40/21K / VW Bucharest HalfMarathon
2019  3h45/42K / Chisinau International Marathon
2019  2h00/21K / Arobs Transylvania HalfMarathon
2019  1h40/21K / Bucharest International Marathon

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alergaceala.ro21K / 2019.03.17 alergaceala.ro1h35'37"/ Traseu certificat AIMS Athens Half-Marathon
alergaceala.ro42K / 2017.12.01 3h35'00"/ Maratonul 1 Decembrie
alergaceala.ro42K / 2018.11.10 3h37'11"/ Traseu certificat AIMS Istanbul 40th Marathon
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